About the Issues

So where do I stand on key issues? Well, for a quick snapshot I am a conservative on taxation and spending while at the same time being liberal on social and civil practices. We do need healthcare that is affordable for the everyday Minnesotan. There are good aspects of the affordable care act such as no lifetime limits, no preexisting condition clauses, and being able to cover your dependents until 26. But some government rules have decreased options and increased costs. Let’s find the appropriate mix of public and private involvement, not just one or the other.

We need to conserve our parks and wildlife and punish environmental offenders. We need to be responsible and accountable in how we use our natural resources.

We need to maintain our schools and support our teachers. Post-secondary education needs to be affordable for everyone, and like healthcare there is an appropriate ratio of public and private involvement to maximize that.

We must protect everyone’s rights to the freedom of their choices that do not harm others; whether it’s religious practice, love life, what they do with their bodies, their privacy, and their right to bear arms.

We need to end the failed war on drugs and end the prohibition of personal recreational marijuana use. Minnesota and 29 other states have acknowledged that it has medicinal benefits. Legalization would not only increase revenue from taxation but would decrease overpopulation in our overcrowded jails, as well as decrease public costs for policing and courts.

Ex-offenders who have paid their due and reformed must be allowed a clean background check that gives them a chance at gainful employment and housing. Let’s give more second chances at becoming contributing members of society to reduce recidivism.

Let’s give a voice back to the everyday person by reducing the barrier to participate in our government and by placing more major legislative changes on a ballot to the let the people decide.

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different result.  –Albert Einstein