About Me

My name is Emily.  I’m a mother, a wife, a student and a nurse for the MN Dept of Corrections. I am running for office because I am just like any of you reading this. I am simply a concerned citizen who wakes up in the morning and enjoys 20 minutes of tranquility with a cup of coffee before my child wakes and the rush of the day begins. I read the news and my heart sinks a little deeper each time I see a new report of sexual harassment, power grabs, bickering and self-interest take center stage from the very people that are responsible to protect our wellbeing. If you are like me, you question the voices of the nation and the state that set an example for future generations.

A lot of you may say “but she has no experience in politics!” and while that’s true I would like to remind you that every single person serving in our legislature had no experience at some point. The only difference between them and me is pedigree. I do not have a large powerful family with political roots, nor have I received a lifestyle prepping for this job by people I served. I am not rife with political self-interest ties or any type of cronyism inside track. I do not live in the bubble of the higher class and do not have a sense of entitlement and arrogance. If you are like me, you are sick of all that.

The legislature has lost the faith of we constituents they serve. Want proof? I spent the three days allowed to petition, in the middle of winter, knocking on doors to get over 500 signatures from the people of my district to offer them a new path. I brought my kids with to see firsthand how leg work and talking with people can make a difference. One passionate voice is capable of making a change. I want our children to know empowerment.

As we went on foot bundled up walking door to door, it was clear that the vast majority of people that answered the door were receptive to the idea of something new, something honestly progressive, something unbound by party lines. Most people want someone who will just do what is ethical and in the best interest of their community, and in the interest of their children’s future. Someone who does not owe a single thing to any person, party, or corporate interest. Experiencing overwhelming support for that from people first hand in our district has been stunning. Who would have imagined that?

If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. You want change, make some.

-Courtney C. Stevens, The lies about truth